ComponentArt Data Visualization for Visual Studio

Data Visualization for WPF

Powerful data visualization for classic Windows applications, featuring API parity with WinRT & Silverlight.


Built for Visual Studio 2010 & 2012, WPF 4+

  • Charting


    Comprehensive set of charting controls, featuring all major chart types, brilliant rendering, touch interactivity and support for large datasets.

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  • Gauges


    Wide selection of gauge controls, designed for easy KPI binding and featuring customizable pointers, scales & ranges.

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  • DataGrids


    Visual presentation of tabular data, featuring conditional row/cell formatting, embedding visualization controls and handling large datasets.

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  • Navigators

    Sophisticated touch-based navigation controls: NavigationTiles, TimeNavigator, TreeList, Dropdown and DropdownTree.

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  • Maps


    Effective visualization of geographic data, with over 150 ready-to-use maps of continents, regions, countries and US states.

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  • Calc for Windows 8

    Calc for Windows 8

    Advanced client-side data processing: lightning-fast DateTime KPI aggregations, dataset oprations, financial and statistics libraries.