ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Editors & Input Controls

WYSIWYG Experience, Real-time User Feedback and Built-in Validation.

Best-of-Breed Editor & Input Controls

Delivering rich text editing to end-users and building interactive data entry forms is easy with our collection of input and editor controls.

  • Editor
  • ColorPicker
  • ComboBox
  • Input
  • Slider
  • SpellCheck
  • Upload

Feature Highlights

  • Solid Core Features
    Best-of-breed HTML WYSIWYG editor control, auto-complete combo box, numeric input, masked input, color picker, spell check, and a powerful upload control.
  • Rich and Responsive UI
    All editing and input controls have been built on ComponentArt's user interface rendering technology, delivering a rich & fluid end user experience.
  • Enterprise-grade File Upload
    Supporting multiple file uploads of any size, upload progress feedback, and a powerful server-side API for full programmatic control.
  • Powerful Client-side APIs
    All editing and input controls expose extensive client-side API, allowing developers to fully customize the look, feel, and behaviour of each control.
  • SOA.UI Support
    Complex server-side data communication can be implemented without any client-side code through tight integration with ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET.
  • Built-in Skins
    A large number of ready-to-use skins and themes designed and implemented with utmost attention to detail will make your line of business applications shine.


Developer Licenses
starting at: $799