How to reference dynamically created controls in a pageview?

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jwx67 Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 @ 3:03 PM
I have a simple MultiPage with some initially empty PageViews that I wish to create at run-time

<COMPONENTART:MULTIPAGE id="MP_Dest" runat="server">
<ComponentArt:PageView runat="server" id="pg1"></ComponentArt:PageView>
<ComponentArt:PageView runat="server" id="pg2"></ComponentArt:PageView>

In the page load (first time), I get the PageView and add a control such as a table, that in turn adds more child controls like textboxes etc.

Dim pv As ComponentArt.Web.UI.PageView
pv = MP_Dest.PageViews(0)
dim tbl as new Table
dim tr as new TableRow
dim td as new TableCell
dim txt as new Textbox

I see in your example code how to generate dynamic pageviews and controls, but no examples of how to use the dynamic controls after a postback.

Please can you help me, I must be missing something... thanks.
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