Gauge 2nd Multicolor Range : Bug with Wizard

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oldbrazil Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 @ 5:30 AM
after editing a GAUGE a first time with the wizard, addind a multicolor Range, I get
<Color ColorStops="0=#70FF0000,0,10=#70FF8000,0,2=#3000FF00,1=Empty" Solid="True"></Color>
NOTE that all dots become comma (french Locale)
I had to correct by hand.

After adding a second Range to a gauge for multicolor, the wizard becomes unavailable.
<Color ColorStops="0=#70FF0000,0.1=#70FF8000,0.2=#3000FF00,1=Empty" Solid="True"></Color>  
The Sync is OK beween design and xaml code, but wizard won't open with the line above. ""
'0' is not a valid format of ColorStop Data
see picture
 well, how to add a picture to your forum ??

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harish Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 @ 7:16 AM
Thank you for submitting your query with ComponentArt forum.
Please test the attached video file as I am unable to reproduce the issue which you have mentioned. I have tested this using the latest build version i.e.2012.1.1016.4 and observed that it is working fine. In case if you are using legacy version I would suggest you to update to latest buld version. You can download the latest build version from the following URL:
Please test the attched video and let me know if I missing any step(s) to replicate the issue.
Thank you
Harish Malhotra 
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